Microarray Printing

Pins and Printheads for Microarray Manufacturing.

Arrayit offers a wide assortment of microarray pins and printheads to implement contact printing in your life sciences laboratory. Arrayit pins load samples from microplates by capillary action, and deliver picoliter and nanoliter droplets via an “ink-stamping” mechanism by making light contact between the pin tip and the printing substrate. Pins and printheads are machined to high mechanical tolerances to achieve highly accurate, mass produced microarrays. Click here for Arrayit manufacturing scientific publications.

Pins 192 Technology

Building on our widely used patented printing technology (U.S. Patent 6,101,946) and successful implementation of more than 5,000 platforms installed worldwide, Arrayit offers 192 Pins and Printheads, which increases the speed of microarray manufacturing by a factor of four compared to 48 pin configurations, and is an excellent upgrade for high-throughput manufacturing centers including core facilities, biotechs, pharmaceutical companies, and others using the Arrayit platform. Commercial testing and diagnostic applications require a license.

Pins 946 Technology

Arrayit 946 technology offers increased precision, reduced weight, and proprietary extended collar design for superior performance and usability. Our patented technology (U.S. 6,101,946), we continue to push the envelope to provide our >5,000 customers with the most advanced and innovative microarray contact printing technologies available. Commercial testing and diagnostic applications require a license.

Microarray Printheads Biorobotics

Arrayit Stealth and Professional Microarray Printheads allow Digilab BioRobotics MicroGrid II customers to utilize Arrayit’s complete line of Stealth, 946, Green and Professional Series microarray printing pins. Printheads have a 64-pin capacity and mount directly on MicroGrid II robots using a T-adapter.Commercial testing and diagnostic applications require a license.

Microarray Pins Chipmaker Technology

The predecessor to Stealth Micro Spotting technology, this product has been used in the microarray industry since 1997. Still in wide use, we continue to support this design and style of Pins and Printheads, but Stealth is recommended for new users. It is protected by US Patent Number 6,101,946 and is sold license- and royalty-free for research purposes only. Commercial testing and diagnostic applications require a license.

Microarray Pins Genetix Technology

Arrayit offers high precision microarray printheads to support Genetix QArray2, QArray Mini, and QArray Max robots for our worldwide distributor Genetix. Genetix robots hold 48 Stealth, 946 or Professional series microarray printing pins in 4 x 12 pin configurations with 4.5 mm pin spacing. Choose from Arrayit standard, XP and Pro Printheads. Pins and Printheads are covered by Arrayit Patent U.S. 6,101,946. Commercial testing and diagnostic applications require a license.

Microarray Pins Green Technology

Arrayit introduces Green Microarray Printing Pins with 0.1 µl uptake channels for a 50% reduction in sample volume. Green Pins reduce the consumption of kits, reagents and plastic ware required for microarray sample preparation and accordingly reduce environmental impact. Available with extended 946 collars in stainless steel or in Pro Series RM101 alloy. Compatible with NanoPrint™ and SpotBot® 2 Microarrayers and all Pro, 946 and Stealth Pins and Printheads. Commercial testing and diagnostic applications require a license.

Microarray Printing Demonstration

A demonstration of a horizontal Micro Spotting Pin deposit samples without touching the pin to the substrate. This movie demonstrates our novel sample delivery mechanism, which takes advantage of a thin layer of sample at the end of the printing pin. Our “ink-stamp” delivery mechanism provides consistent sample delivery volumes, durability to millions of printing cycles, and sufficient sophistication to permit the manufacture of even the most delicate protein molecules. Video coming soon.

Microarray Pins Nanoprint

The NanoPrint Printhead is designed to allow users to take advantage of ArrayIt Brand 946 and Stealth Micro Spotting Pins. It holds up to 48 Patented 946 or Stealth Micro Spotting Pins. Quick-release design allows printhead removal and cleaning without the need for re-calibration, essential for the high-throughput laboratories that use our NanoPrint™ Systems. Commercial testing and diagnostic applications require a license. Contact us for more information about licensing.


Hybridization cassettes for DNA and protein microarrays.

Arrayit offers a wide assortment of hybridization cassettes for DNA and protein microarray experimentation. Cassettes for single and multiple glass slides (1 x 25 x 76 mm) facilitate single and multi-well configurations using cover slips and silicone gaskets. Submersible and hybridization station applications permit temperature control and digital-controlled mixing to accelerate reaction kinetics and ensure low background. Cassettes are machined to high tolerances to ensure proper sealing and good well-to-well performance.


Reaction trays and wash stations for microarray processing.

Arrayit processing tools, including reaction trays, wash stations and vacuum manifolds, facilitate microarray processing in a cost-effective manner. Microarray reaction and wash trays are designed for glass slides (1 x 25 x 76 mm) or multi-well cassettes to facilitate blocking and wash steps. Microarray wash stations facilitate glass slide washing and mixing with stir plates. Vacuum manifolds offer vacuum-based purification solutions for 96-well and 384-well filter plates.


Microplates, tubes, racks and mailers for microarray customers.

Arrayit offers the finest storage tools for our life sciences customers. Microplates containing 384 wells enable low-volume sample loading and manufacturing with our widely-used contact printing technology. Slide tubes permit high-capacity storage of printed microarrays. Arrayit pins can be stored in microarray pin racks and two-slide mailers facilitate storage and shipping.


Tyvek® suits, polyester wipes and nitrile gloves for microarray cleanrooms.

Arrayit offers the finest tools available for microarray cleanroom experimentation and life sciences applications. Based on two decades of continuous refinement, our cleanroom consumables ensure high-quality performance in class 1-10,000 laboratories. Tyvek® suits have attached hoods and booties. Polyester wipes are ideal for a wide range of low-particle cleanroom applications. Nitrile gloves facilitate the proper handling of microarrays and microarray instruments.


Software solutions for microarray design, quantification and analysis.

Arrayit partners with leading software designers to provide industry-leading software solutions for a wide range of microarray and life sciences applications. Array Designer facilitates primer and probe design. IMAGENE® enables microarray image quantification and analysis. MAPIX® controls microarray scanner operations and provides an optimal solution for DNA and protein microarray quantification and analysis.


Educational books covering all aspects of microarray technology.

Arrayit offers a wide assortment of books authored by top researchers in the microarray field and published by leading publishers including Oxford University Press, J. Wiley & Sons, Eaton Publishing, Scion Publishing, DNA Press, Jones & Bartlett and Springer. Books include microarray protocols, concepts and textbook content, and are well-suited for students, teachers and life sciences professionals -- excellent additions to any library.

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