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Arrayit offers Stealth and Professional Series 64-Pin Printheads for Digilab BioRobotics MicroGrid II microarrayers. Our printheads allow MicroGrid II customers to use our entire line of Stealth, 946 and Professional Series microarray printing pins.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Quality Control
  • Product Description
  • Technical Assistance
  • Installation Instructions
  • Warranty

Congratulations on taking a big step towards improving the affordability, quality and speed of your genomic, proteomic, biomedical, pharmaceutical and agricultural research.  This handbook contains all the information required to take full advantage of Arrayit Stealth 64 Printhead for the BioRobotics Microarrayers (Catalog ID: BRSPH64). This product will allow users of BioRobotics microarrayers take advantage of Stealth Micro Spotting Pins (US Patent Number 6101946).  Whether you’re a student or a seasoned researcher, this product will add tremendous value to your scientific endeavors.

Quality Control
Arrayit takes every measure to assure the quality of our Arrayit Microarray products. The finest manufacturing procedures were used to produce this device. Rigorous quality control monitoring guarantees that each device conforms to the highest industry standards.

Product Description
Arrayit's Arrayit Stealth Pins and Printheads provides microarray manufacturers users with the highest quality; most advanced precision micro spotting technology available. The BRSPH64 Printhead accommodates up to 64-patented Stealth Style Micro Spotting Pins.

Technical Assistance
Please contact us if you have any comments, suggestions, or if you need technical assistance.  On the Internet, go to http://arrayit.com.  By electronic mail: arrayit@arrayit.com (subject heading "BRSPH64 Printhead technical assistance"). By email: arrayit@arrayit.com, Monday–Friday PST 9:00am - 4:30pm. Please remember that we want to hear about your successes!

Installation Instructions
In order to operate the BRSPH64  Printhead, a bayonet tool “T” Connector is required and is available only from Digilab. The part numbers required to run Stealth and 946 technology are:

  • B0014880 (Bayonet / Tool)
  • B000145K - 64 Pin Wash Plate & Cover - Stealth or 946 Micro Spotting Pins

These parts can be ordered directly from Digilab.

Follow the manufactures instructions and calibrate the arrayer. The proper calibration and motion control settings are essential for getting the best performance from this product.  Technical questions should be addressed to arrayit@arrayit.com.

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