Microarray Manufacturing

Printed custom microarrays for life sciences research.

Arrayit offers a wide range of custom microarray manufacturing services, empowering our life sciences customers with access to printed microarray at affordable prices. Customers provide their electronic oligonucleotide and peptide sequences for eChips manufacturing, or their microplate-containing samples of DNA, protein, peptide, carbohydrate, small molecule, cell extract and whole cells for Flex-Chips services. Arrayit services leverages our proprietary contact printing technology and optimal surface chemistry to provide premium printed microarray content on glass slides.

Microarray Scanning

High-resolution microarray fluorescence scanning for life sciences research.

Arrayit offers custom microarray scanning services to enable customer access to fluorescence microarray data at affordable prices. Customers provide green (532 nm) and red (635 nm) glass slide-containing microarrays and Arrayit provides scanned images as high-resolution TIFF images and quantified data. This service is intended for life science laboratories wishing to deploy low-, medium- and high-density microarray experimentation, while outsourcing the scanning and quantification portions.

Microarray Assays

Microarray assay development to accelerate life sciences discovery.

Arrayit offers premium assay development services across a wide range of platforms including immunoassays, gene expression and protein biomarkers, reverse phase protein microarrays (RPPA), single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping, stem cells and synthetic biology. Our microarray services experts provide one-on-one guidance and expertise based on decades of high-level research and development. Life sciences assay development services can accelerate genomic and proteomic discoveries in your laboratory and provide entry points for commercial products in the research and clinical markets.

The Store

Arrayit Store features on-line technical information, photos and secure, streamlined worldwide purchasing of our entire line of microarray life sciences research products and services. Visit shop.arrayit.com for more information.

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