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Arrayit SpotBot® Titan High-Capacity DNA and Protein Edition Microarrayers empower high-throughput microarray manufacturing with 48 microarray pins, professional printhead, 144 glass substrate slides, three 384-well microplates, megasonic pin cleaning with ambient and deck cooling for DNA and protein microaray manufacturing applications that builds on the 10-year SpotBot® microarrayer legacy. Titan Microarrayers are highly recommended for research laboratories and core facilities with high-throughput printing applications. Constructed from space-age alloys and utilizing Arrayit’s patented contact printing technology, these systems offer high-speed and user-friendly microarray manufacturing at affordable prices.

SpotBot® Titan System Specifications and Features

  • SpotBot® Titan systems build on the 10-year SpotBot® Microarrayer legacy
  • High-capacity microarray manufacturing systems
  • Space-age high performance alloy compostion
  • Cool motor technology for reliable and economical operation
  • Postional repeatability of ±5 µm provides uniform spot spacing for easy quantification
  • High-speed manufacturing at an affordable price
  • Highly recommended for all ex situ microarray manufacturing applications
  • Manufacture oligonucleotide, cDNA, carbohydrate, antigen, antibody, peptide, and reverse phase microarrays
  • Speed gene expression, genotyping, serum profiling and other life science applications
  • Study human, mouse, rat, DrosophilaArabidopsisC. elegans, yeast, bacteria and viruses
  • Supports VIP genotyping and other diagnostics applications
  • Heavy duty overhead gantry offers precision, speed and durability
  • Arrayit patented contact printing technology (U.S. 6,101,946) provides IP protection
  • Arrayit printing technology installed in more than 3,800 laboratories worldwide
  • Printing technology based on 14 years of commercial success starting in 1997
  • Deck capacity of 136 standard glass substrates and 8 pre-prints (25 x 76 mm)
  • Printhead holds 48 microarray printing pins in a 4 x 12 pattern at 4.5 mm spacing
  • Professional series printhead micro-machined to ±1.3 µm (0.00005”) for unsurpassed precision
  • Professional series printhead reduces friction by 90% for printing on membranes and gel surfaces
  • Deck accommodates three 384-well microplates for throughput and ease-of-use
  • SBT Protein Edition includes liquid cooling of entire deck from ambient to 4°C
  • SBTPRO enables antigen, antibody, peptide, lysate and reverse phase protein microarrays
  • All systems include humidity control from 10-80% relative humidity
  • Humidity control speed of 5% RH per minute and ±1% at steady state
  • Humidity control minimizes sample evaporation and ensures precise spot diameters
  • All systems include megasonic wash station for high efficiency pin cleaning
  • Printhead compatible with entire line of Stealth946Green, and Professional microarray pins
  • Deck compatible with entire line of Arrayit substrate slides
  • Printed microarrays compatible with entire line of Arrayit microarray scanners
  • Printed microarrays compatible with entire line of Arrayit labeling and purification kits
  • Printed microarrays compatible with entire line of Arrayit hybridizationwash and blocking buffers
  • Printing routines allow up to five technical replicates per sample
  • Print 10,000 samples onto 144 substrate slides in less than 24 hours
  • Print up to 250,000 samples onto each 25 x 76 mm substrate slide
  • Systems utilize the latest Windows 7 operating system
  • All systems include Arrayit BioBlue Bioinformatics Computer
  • All systems include LED flat panel display, keyboard, mouse and mouse pad
  • Systems are compatible with all standard 120-volt and 220 volt outlets
  • Intuitive graphical user interface and design wizard makes programming fast and easy
  • Robot size (L x D x H): 114 x 76 x 31 cm (45 x 30 x 12")
  • Robot weight excluding accessories: 36 Kg (80 lbs)
  • Private label and OEM agreements available for volume purchases
  • World’s finest and most affordable high-capacity microarrayers
  • Compatible with class 1 cleanrooms for cleanroom manufacturing applications
  • Arrayit cleanroom gloveswipescleansuits, and particle counters highly recommended
  • Platen liquid cooling maximizes cooling uniformity, speed and efficiency
  • Advanced robotics ensure performance and reliability
  • Forced air stream pin drying enhances pin cleaning and sample loading
  • Moderate buffer consumption of less than 3 liters per hour
  • Minimal air turbulance and humidity control greatly minimizes sample evaporation
  • Instrument and accessory vibration dampeners permit printing in virtually any laboratory setting
  • SBT systems arrive pre-calibrated and ready to use
  • Customer installation time of 2.5 hours
  • All installations include comprehensive technical support by Arrayit staff

Figure 1. SpotBot® Titan High-Capacity Microarrayers enable high-throughput microarray manufacturing using advanced motion control, space age alloys, 48 microarray printing pins, professional series printhead, 144 glass substrate slides for the market’s most economical solution to microarray printing.