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Arrayit | SuperMask substrate slides teflon wells 1x25x76 mm multiple microarrays multiplexing life sciences research

Products - Microarray Substrates & Slides - SuperMask™ 48, SuperMask™ 64 and SuperMask™ 192 Microarray Substrate Slides with Hydrophobic Masks that Define Specific Reaction Areas for Sample Multiplexing

SuperMask™ Substrates are an exciting new innovation from ArrayIt® that provide atomically flat glass substrate slides with extremely hydrophobic masks for 48, 64 or 192 separate reaction areas or wells on a single substrate slide. SuperMask™ allows users to print and hybridize many separate microarrays per substrate slide, allowing high-throughput analysis for research and diagnostics. The SuperMask™ hydrophobic boundaries are highly durable, chemical resistant and available with SuperClean 2, SuperAmine 2, SuperAldehyde 2 SuperEpoxy 2 and SuperStreptavidin surface chemistries for the full spectrum of microarray applications.  Surface can also have your custom surface chemistry, contact us with your requirements.

Product Description
SuperMask™ Substrates are manufactured using ArrayIt® SuperClean 2 glass substrates that provide superior homogenous topography for all microarray applications. SuperMask™ Substrates are designed to empower processing and analysis of multiple samples many individual microarray experiments on a single microarray substrate slide 25 x 76 mm. Available in all surface chemistries to meet every application, the substrates are partitioned into individual wells using an chemically resistant hydrophobic mask.  At 75 µm in height, the hydrophobic mask is sufficiently thin to fit into any microarray printer or scanner, and yet of sufficient height and hydrophobicity to prevent cross contamination. The matte black mask finish and unique chemical properties prevent contributions to background noise in microarray scans.

Product Use
SuperMask™ Substrate Slides may be used either with or without additional hardware superstructures to partition and separate the wells. The hydrophobic nature of the mask on the slides keeps separate reactions from cross contaminating as efficiently as a pap pen or microarray imprinter with the additional benefit of greater chemical resistance and accurate geometry.  Please contact us directly at to discuss custom SuperMask™ designs.

Table 1. SuperMask™ Reaction Volumes.

SuperMask Substrate Slide

Well Dimensions (mm)

Reaction Volume (µl)

SuperMask™ 16

8.0 x 8.0

50-100 µl

SuperMask™ 24

6.0 x 7.0

30-50 µl

SuperMask™ 48

4.5 x 4.5

5-10 µl

SuperMask™ 64

4.5 x 4.5

5-10 µl

SuperMask™ 192

2.25 x 2.25

0.5-1.0 µl

SuperMask™ reaction volumes were determined using the substrate slides in a sationary position with 1X PBS + 0.1% Tween-20 reaction buffer and SuperEpoxy 2 surface chemistry.  Reaction volumes may differ with different reaction buffers and surface chemistries.

Microarrayer programming and detection
Manufacturing microarrays into the SuperMask™ Substrates can be accomplished easily with both the SpotBot® 4 and NanoPrint™ 2 microarrayer product lines. Hybridized microarrays can be scanned using our SpotLight 2 and Laser scanners, or microarray scanners from third parties that support the standard glass substrate slide format. See images below for the physical layout.

Figure 1. Arrayit SuperMask™ 48 Microarray Substrate Slide.

Figure 2. Arrayit SuperMask™ 64 Microarray Substrate Slide.

Figure 3. Arrayit SuperMask™ 192 Microarray Substrate Slide.

How to select the right SuperMask™ product
Users need to select the number of wells and the surface chemistry required for a particular application (SuperClean 2SuperAmineSuperAmine 2SuperAldehyde 2 SuperEpoxy 2) or SuperStreptavidin. ArrayIt® Super Microarray substrates support the full gamut of microarray applications.  Custom surface chemistry is possible. Please contact us directly if you need assistance selecting the well pattern or surface chemistry required for your application, either by email or by email

Scientific Publications
Click here and here for recent scientific publications using ArrayIt® brand Microarray Substrates from Arrayit International, Inc.

Recommended Equipment and Reagents
NanoPrint™ 2 Microarrayers
SpotBot® 4 Personal Microarrayers
InnoScan® Microarray Scanners
SpotLight™ 2 Microarray Scanners
Microarray Hybridization Cassettes
High Throughput Wash Station
Microarray High-Speed Centrifuge
Protein Printing Buffer
BlockIt™ Blocking Buffer
Microarray Air Jet
Microarray Cleanroom Wipes
PCR Purification Kits
BlockIt Blocking Buffer
Micro-Total RNA Extraction Kit
MiniAmp mRNA Amplification Kit
Indirect Amino Allyl Fluorescent Labeling Kit
Universal Reference mRNA
Green540 and Red640 Reactive Fluorescent Dyes
Hybridization Buffers

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