Series 3 Microarray Substrate Slides

Data Sheet

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Arrayit Series 3 Microarray Substrate Slides offer time-tested Arrayit surface chemistries including SuperClean, SuperAldehyde, SuperAmine, SuperEpoxy and SuperMethacrylate on an industry-best proprietary ultra-clear, ultra-transparent silicon dioxide glass surface for the highest coupling efficiency and lowest intrinsic fluorescence of any product on the market. Series 3 Substrate Slides provide the finest surfaces available for research, life sciences, pharmaceuticals and molecular diagnostics.

Figure 1. Arrayit Series 3 Microarray Substrate Slides conform to the standard 1 x 25 x 76 mm format for compatibility with the entire line of Arrayit microarrayers, scanners and other products as well as products from Agilent and other vendors.

Figure 2. Arrayit SuperClean 3 contains highly reactive silicon dioxide groups to allow customers to add their own proprietary surface treatments and coatings. Our SuperClean 3 product is an excellent starting point for many manufacturing applications in research, life sciences, diagnostics and semi-conductors.

Figure 3. The amazing clarity of Arrayit SuperClean 3 substrate glass is demonstrated in a photographic comparison with a diamond-shaped crystal.

Figure 4. Arrayit SuperEpoxy 3 Microarray Substrate Slides. Our most popular surface for high-end DNA and protein microarray applications including genomics, proteomics, testing and diagnostics.