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Arrayit Corporation (ARYC) leads and empowers the genetic, research, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic communities through the discovery, development and manufacture of proprietary life science technologies and consumables for disease prevention, treatment and cure.  - Powerful Science for Life™


Arrayit offers complete microarray services including custom DNA and protein microarray manufacturing, consulting, oligonucleotide and peptide synthesis, training videos, government purchasing, an electronic library, product catalogs, and more. Click on these links for the services category that best meets your services needs and on Arrayit Microarray Services scientific publications.



Arrayit catalog

Arrayit catalogs feature products, services, descriptions, ordering options, and more. Click here to download our catalogs.


Biomarker discover and validation offers a full service biomarker program. Click here for biomarker program details.


Consulting services provide intensive tutorials on all aspects of modern microarray experimentation including manufacturing, scanning, and data analysis. Click here for our consulting page.

gene expression

Custom gene expression microarrays contain custom gene subsets from our industry-leading H25K Whole Human Genome Chip. Click here for more information about custom H25K microarrays.


eChips allow customers to obtain custom DNA and peptide microarrays based on submitted sequences. Click here for eChips.

microarray spots

Flex-Chips allow customers to obtain custom DNA, antibody, protein, peptide and other microarray types based on submitted microplate samples. Click here for Flex-Chips.


GSA Advantage® allows the purchase of Arrayit products and services directly from the federal government through the United States General Services Administration. Click here for the GSA Advantage® website.

microarray library

Microarray e-library contains more than 550,000 scientific publications covering all aspects of microarray technology, available on-line through the Arrayit E-Library portal. Click here for the e-library.

microarray printing

Microarray printing service offers complete custom microarray manufacturing services. Click here for the microarray printing page.

mark schena ronald davis

Microarray protocols include original 1997 DNA microarray protocols from Mark Schena and Ronald W. Davis (courtesy of Stanford University). Click here for the protocols page.

microarray video

Movies offer footage from television appearances and professional movies that showcase Arrayit technology and personnel. Click here for our movies page.


Oligonucleotide synthesis provides the industry’s finest custom oligonucleotide synthesis services at affordable pricinging including oligos with C6-amino linkers, Cy3 and Cy5 dyes, and other modifications, in a variety of synthesis scales and purification methods. Click here for oligo synthesis.


Peptide microarrays offer complete custom peptide microarray manufacturing services. Click here for the peptide microarrays page.

protein microarrays

Protein microarrays offer complete protein microarrays services including assay design, microarray printing, labeling, scanning and data analysis. Click here for the protein microarrays page.

reverse phase microarray

Reverse phase microarrays afford complete cell and tissue lysates are printed into microarrays as a service. Click here for reverse phase microarrays.

microarray scanning service

Scanning services provide high quality scanned microarray images, data quantification and data analysis for Arrayit, Agilent, Roche NimbleGen and other microarray suppliers. Click here for scanning services.


SNP genotyping services enable highly affordable and 99.9% accurate genotyping in both single and multi-patient formats. Click here for genotyping.

embryonic stem cell

Stem cell platforms, instruments, tools, kits, reagents and services empower a wide range research and clinical applications in stem cell biology including whole genome expression profiling, elucidation of transcription factor function, biomarker identification, single cell amplification, genotyping and therapeutic treatment benchmarking. Click here for stem cells.

synthetic biologist

Synthetic biology services empower synthetic biologists to synthesize and benchmark novel organisms, chromosomes, genes and proteins. Click here for synthetic biology.


Technical videos offer an extensive compilation of technical training videos to facilitate the use of Arrayit microarray products and services. Click here for the Technical Videos page.




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