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Services - Synthetic Biology

synthetic biology
Arrayit provides a universal microarray platform to empower the market's most advanced synthetic biology implementation. Our patented and proprietary microarray platform facilitates the synthesis and benchmarking of organisms, chromosomes, genes, antibodies, proteins, enzymes and other molecules that are driving the synthetic biology revolution. Arrayit ultra-high fidelity oligonucleotide microarrays enable 99.9% pure single-step synthesis and capture of 80,000 50-mers custom built to your exact DNA sequence specification, making megabase synthesis fast, easy and affordable. Custom microarrays manufactured by contact printing streamline the analysis of synthetic biology genes and gene products. When customers combine their synthetic biology aspirations with Arrayit technology, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

Synthetic biology applications

  • Ultra-high fidelity microarray-based oligonucleotide synthesis
  • 99.9% synthesis fidelity using microarrays and oligonucleotide capture
  • 1,000,000 base pair single-step native synthesis possible with eighty thousand 50-mers
  • 12,500,000 base pair single-step native synthesis possible with one million 50-mers
  • Synthesize novel genes, chromosomes and organisms
  • Direct “computer-to-biology” capabilities
  • Create optimized transgenes for gene therapy and stem cell biology
  • Construct custom genes encoding novel proteins, antibodies, receptors and enzymes
  • Manufacture custom microarrays to benchmark synthetic biology reagents
  • Benchmark synthetic cDNAs and genes using DNA microarrays
  • Benchmark synthetic chromosomes using chromosomal DNA microarrays
  • Benchmark synthetic organisms using whole genome DNA microarrays
  • Benchmark synthetic antibodies using peptide and peptoid microarrays
  • Benchmark synthetic enzymes using substrate microarrays
  • Screen synthetic gene libraries using high density printed DNA microarrays
  • Screen synthetic antibody libraries using high density printed antibody microarrays
  • Screen whole cell microarrays for novel organisms
  • Purchase the Arrayit Microarray Platform to empower synthetic biology in your own lab

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