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Services - Reverse Phase Protein Microarray (RPPA) Cell and Tissue Lysate Protein Microarrays

Arrayit Reverse Phase Protein Microarray (RPPA) products and services open up the remarkable world of reverse phase protein lysate experimentation including antibody screening of cell samples prepared from human sera, laser capture microdissections, saliva, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), biopsies and many other tissue specimens that express proteins and protein biomarkers of scientific, clinical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic and agricultural interest. Protein samples are printed into microarrays at high density, probed with antigen-specific primary or secondary antibodies, scanned to obtain the signal intensities, and quantified bioinformatically to produce quantitative protein measurements of each reverse phase microarray element.

Figure 1. Arrayit Reverse Phase Protein Microarray Data. Human cell lysates were printed using Arrayit’s patented contact printing technology onto nitrocellulose slides. The slides were blocked, washed, reacted with an antibody-horseradish peroxidase (antibody-HRP) conjugate, stained with tyramide signal amplification-biotin (TSA-biotin), developed using streptavidin-Cy5 (streptavidin-Cy5), and scanned in the Cy5 channel at 3 micron resolution. The fluorescent microarray spots in the TIFF image provide a quantitative measure of the specific protein present in each cell lysate.

Reverse phase protein microarray customers can send us their lysates for complete sample-to-data services, or purchase our industry-leading reverse phase protein microarrayers, scanners, tools, kits, reagents and software to perform convenient and economical analysis in their own laboratories. Arrayit technology empowers the analysis of a few to more than 100,000 reverse phase protein samples per microarray for protein marker analysis in a simultaneous and massively parallel manner. Marker multiplexing is achieved by probing multiple microarrays with successive protein-specific antibodies, allowing many different markers to be analyzed in a single print run. Arrayit reverse phase microarrays are printed onto activated glass or membrane-coated microarray substrate slides for fluorescent, colorimetric, chemilluminscent and surface plasmon resonance (SPR) detection.

Lysates provided to Arrayit can be printed with high numbers of technical replicates and multiple dilutions to guarantee linearity of detection when the microarray is reacted with an antibody that specifically recognizes the antigens in the lysates printed on the microarray. Contact us at to start designing your experiment.  Arrayit can also empower end users with equipment to manufacture, scan, process and analzye microarrays.

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Please contact us for pricing information. Pricing is based on the number of RPPA samples and the number of antibodies required and proteins quantified.
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