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Services - Technical Videos for Microarray Products and Services

Arrayit Corporation offers a wide selection of high definition technical videos to facilitate the use of the Arrayit microarray technology platform. Customers wishing to add a video to our site should contact us by electronic mail



Protein Microarray

This video demonstrates ”multiplexed” ELISA assay using the Arrayit platform.

Serum Separation & Reaction to Protein Microarray

Arrayit has developed an advanced blood card technology that collects and fractionates whole blood into red blood cells, white blood cells and serum components quickly, easily and affordably.

NanoPrint™ Microarrayer

NanoPrint Installation Steps 1-7

This video demonstrates the wash, dry, sample loading and printing steps of the microarray manufacturing process using the Arrayit NanoPrint™ LM210 Enterprise Level Microarrayer.

NanoPrint Microarrayers can be quoted to be professionally installed by Arrayit.  These videos show how do to it.

SpotBot® 3 Peristaltic Pump

This video demonstrates the use of the SpotBot® 3 Personal Microarrayer peristaltic pump.

SpotBot® 3 Multi-Well Software

SpotBot® 3 Personal Microarrayer software to program that makes it easy to print up to 24 microarrays on a single microarray slide substrate.

SpotWare Software

This video demonstrates of the SpotWare™ Colorimetric Microarray Scanner image acquisition interface software.

Processing Microarrays

This video demonstrates the use of Arrayit® Hybridization Cassette Plus, High Throughput Wash Station and Microarray Centrifuge.

24-Well Cassette

Hybridization Cassette that accommodates single glass slide substrate containing 24 microarray. A silicone gasket containing 24 wells is held against the glass surface to create individual reaction wells encompassing the printed microarrays. Ideal for protein microarray research and diagnostics.

24-Well Hybridization Cassette

Hybridization Cassette that accommodates single glass slide substrate containing 24 microarrays, seals shut to virtually eliminate evaporation.

NanoPrint™ Microarrayer Dry Station Setup Protocol

This video demonstrates how to setup the dry station prior to executing a print run on the NanoPrint Microarrayer.

SpotBot® 3 Personal Microarrayer

A video looking at the inside of the SpotBot® 3 Microarrayer chamber while the machine is running.

Innoscan Microarray Scanner

Microarray Scanner Autoloader

TrayMix Software Hyb Station Software

Easy to use graphical user interface for programming the TrayMix automated hybrdization stations

TrayMix 4 Hardware Operational Videos

Videos showing hardware operations of the TrayMix Automated Hybridization Station. An unlimited number of 4 chambered systems can be connnected and run from a single PC via ethernet connection.

NanoPrint™ Microarrayer Multiplexing Assays

Multiplexing the Number of Microarrays Per Slide Substrate

MX48 Microarray Substrate Demonstration

48 Microarrays per slide separated by a hydrophobic barrier. This video shows that the different test microarrays on the substrate will not cross contaminate.

Multiplex Assays Microarray Imprinter Demonstration

Creates hydrophobic reaction areas on a slide substrates without a pap pen.

Array Plate Hybridization Station

Array Plate Hybridization Station Video

Microarray Wash Tray

Manual Washing 96 microarrays. Video

SpotBot® 3 Microarrayer

Spotting microarrays in the bottoms of 96 well plates.

TissueMax™ Tissue Microarrayer

Video demonstration of an automated tissue microarrayer.

Whole Blood Collection Cards and Collection Kit

Technical video demonstrating the use of whole blood cards to collect, sample and store human blood for protein microarray applications.


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