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Products - Books & Software

Arrayit offers microarray controller, quantification, analysis and design software, as well as scholarly books to expedite your microarray research. Please review our product list for descriptions and pricing.

Mapix® Microarray Controller, Quantification and Analysis Software


Arrayit Mapix® Microarray Controller, Quantification and Analysis Software empowers InnoScan® 900, 900AL, 710 and 710AL Microarray Scanner operation and quantification and analysis of the 16-bit scanned TIFF images. Mapix® is intuitive, easy to use, and offers high performance by leveraging highly efficient algorithms to provide rapid and effective feature gridding through automatic spot searching and optimal grid alignment with extensive statistical outputs.

ImaGene 9.0 Microarray Quantification and Analysis Software


ImaGene® 9.0 provides leading-edge microarray analysis software offering optimal performance with broad and highly refined features. Proprietary machine vision technology delivers high quality data and powerful automation to quantify, normalize and analyze experimental data. Utilizing patented algorithms and processes, ImaGene® 9.0 provides highly reliable data for microarray experiments. The intuitive software interface and elegant navigation enables rapid learning and increased productivity. ImaGene® quantifies, normalizes and analyzes 16-bit TIFF images for gene expression, genotyping and other applications.

Array Designer Software


Arrayit and PremierBiosoft have joined forces to create the most advanced oligonucleotide design software available on the market. Array Designer enables fully automated primer and probe design for VIP™ microarrays, genotyping, expression analysis, re-sequencing, CGH microarrays, real-time PCR and other applications in research, life sciences, diagnostics and agriculture. Array Designer software is fully compatible with Arrayit’s high-speed bioblue bioinformatics computers and highly recommended for VIP™ genotyping customers.

DNA Microarrays - ME

Father of Microarray Technology Dr. Mark Schena and David Hames and his colleagues at Scion Publishing offer the latest protocols for DNA microarray experimentation. Twelve chapters written by the world’s leading laboratories are a must-read for researchers and clinicians using DNA microarrays for gene expression, genotyping, CGH, and other applications in humans and other organisms. Whole human genome microarrays, Toxicogenomics of dioxin, Amplified differential gene expression microarrays, DNA microarray detection and genotyping of human papillomavirus , Expression profiling of transcriptional start sites, Methods for increasing the utility of microarray data, Key features of bacterial artificial chromosome microarray production and use, Epigenetic analysis of cellular immortalization, Microarray comparative genomic hybridization, RNA sample preparation and small-quantity RNA profiling for microarray biomarker discovery, DNA microarrays to study nonhuman primate gene expression, and Enhanced microarray hybridization using surface acoustic wave mixing are covered in well-written chapters.

ArrayIt T-Shirts

Arrayit company T-shirts with the Arrayit logo on the front and a technology collage, slogan and contact information on the back. These sophisticated and elegant T-Shirts are a “must addition” to any researcher’s or clinicians’s wardrobe.

Microarray Analysis

Dr. Mark Schena, under the direction of Wiley Science Editor Dr. Luna Han, explores the full gamut of subject areas in biology's hottest field with vivid clarity and detail. Microarray Analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the microarray field including introductory chapters on microarrays, chemistry and biochemistry, and more advanced treatment of genes and genomes, microarray surfaces, targets and probes, microarray manufacturing, detection and informations, methodological architecture, cleanroom technology, gene expression profiling, genetic screening and diagnostics, novel microarra technologies, commercialization opportunities and future trends including chips in the clinics. This textbook is an ideal teaching aid and personal reference book, 16 chapters, 9 appendices, 630 pages.

Protein Microarrays


Protein Microarrays edited by Dr. Mark Schena, the leading expert in the microarray field, features contributions by renowned scientists in the hot field of protein microarrays. Principles of Protein Microarrays, Novel Strategies in Protein Microarray Generation and Detection, Practical Guide to Protein Microarrays: Assay Systems, Methods, and Algorithms, Microarrays for the High-Throughput Analysis of Protein--Carbohydrate Interactions, Protein Microarrays: Principles and Limitations, System-Oriented Proteomics Using Protein-Domain Microarrays, Colorimetric Microarray Assays for Rheumatoid Arthritis using a Recombinant Proteome Library, Academic and Commercial Aspects of Protein Microarray Development, Protein Biochips for the Profiling of Allergen-Specific Antibodies, Protein Microarrays for Analysis of Antibody Responses in Animals and Humans, G Protein–Coupled Receptor Microarrays: A Versatile Tool for Drug Discovery, Proteome-Scale Analysis of the Immune Response Against Pathogenic Microorganisms, and Enabling Tools for Protein Microarrays are among the well-written chapters.

Microarray Biochip Technology


Microarray Biochip Technology edited by the field’s top expert Dr. Mark Schena. Twelve chapters include Technology Standards for Microarray Research, Microfluidic Technologies and Instrumentation for Printing DNA Microarrays, Novel Microarray Printing and Detection Technologies, A Systems Approach to Fabricating and Analyzing DNA Microarrays, The Flow-Thru ChipTM:  A Three-Dimensional Biochip Platform, Large-Scale Genomic Analysis Using Affymetrix GeneChipR Probe Arrays, Technology and Applications of Gene Expression Microarrays, Information Processing Issues and Solutions Associated with Microarray Technology, Microarray Tools, Kits, Reagents, and Services, MICROMAXTM:  A Highly Sensitive System for Differential Gene Expression on Microarrays, Production of Microarrays on Porous Substrates Using Noncontact Piezoelectric Dispensing, Arrayed Primer Extension on the DNA Chip: Method and Applications, and Overview of a Microarray Scanner: Design Essentials for an Integrated Acquisition and Analysis Platform.

DNA Microarrays


DNA Microarrays: A Practical Approach edited by the originator of microarray technology, Dr. Mark Schena. Essential reading for anyone interested in DNA Microarrays. Genes genomes and chips, Confocal scanning microscopy in microarray detection, Representational differences analysis and microarray hybridization for efficient cloning and screening of differentially expressed genes, Use of oligonucleotide arrays in enzymatic assays: assay optimization, Antisense oligonucleotide scanning arrays, Application of ink-jet printing technology to the manufacture of molecular arrays, Gene expression analysis via cDNA microarrays of laser capture microdissected cells from fixed tissue, Expression data and the bioinformatics challenges, Active microelectronic arrays for DNA hybridization analysis, and Gene chips and microarrays: applications in disease profiles, drug target discovery, drug action and toxicity are the topics covered in ten important chapters.

A Beginner’s Guide to Microarrays


A Beginner's Guide to Microarrays addresses two audiences - the core facility manager who produces, hybridizes, and scans microarrays, and the basic research scientist who will be performing the analysis and interpreting the results. User friendly coverage and detailed protocols are provided for the technical steps and procedures involved in many facets of microarray technology. Edited by Dr. Eric Blaylock with contributions from Todd Martinsky, Executive Vice President of Arrayit Corporation. Eight exceptional chapters cover Slide Coating And DNA Immobilization Chemistries, Diagnostic Oligonucleotide Microarrays For Microbiology, Printing Technologies And Microarray Manufacturing Techniques: Making The Perfect Microarray, Arrays For The Masses - Setting Up A Microarray Core Facility, Microarray Data Normalization: The Art And Science Of Overcoming Technical Variance To Maximize The Detection Of Biologic Variance, Experimental Design And Data Analysis, Microarray Experiment Design And Statistical Analysis, and Strategies For Clustering, Classifying, Integrating, Standardizing And Visualizing Microarray Gene Expression Data. 

DNA Array Image Analysis


Intended as reading material for students and researchers with different scientific backgrounds who are just entering the exciting field of microarray research and applications. Microarray and Image Analysis: Introduction, Introduction to Image Analysis, Advantages of Laser Confocal Microarray Scanning, Considerations for a Quality Microarray Scanner, Key Considerations for Accurate Microarray Scanning and Image Analysis, Microarray Image Processing and Quality Control, Microarray Data Normalization, Quantitative Comparison of Image Analysis Software, DNA Array Information Workflow and Data Management, and BAC Microarrays include the ten well-written chapters in this important compendium.

Microarrays Methods and Applications


Microarrays Methods and Applications is a “how to” manual for the laboratory researcher who is using or plans employing DNA or protein microarray technologies.



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