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The Protein Microarray Platform can empower a user perform an unlimited number of immunoassays. Miniaturizing and multiplexing immunoassays reduces cost and increases the accuracy of the assays. When multi analytes are processed in a microarray format, each analyte on the surface of the microarray is subjected to the same exact processing conditions. This reduces variability when multiple samples are analyzed. Additionally the microarray format uses much lower reaction volumes, which increases the concentration of capture agent on the surface to the protein in solution being reacted to the microarray. Higher concentrations mean greater detectivity and higher sensitivity. In addition the microarray format saves money by using 10,000 fold less sample. In the future, the microarray format that our technologies provide will replace all traditional ELISA based 96 well plate and tube and bead based assays. This powerful set of tools is capable of performing a multitude of other applications including:

  • Antigen-Auto-Antibody (IgG, IgA, IgM ect..)
  • MicroSpot ELISA
  • Protein-Protein
  • Protein-Drug
  • Protein-Antigen
  • Protein-Antibody
  • Protein-DNA
  • Protein-RNA
  • Protein-Carbohydrate and more

Component Descriptions
The Protein Microarray Platform includes everything you need to perform robust protein microarray experiments. Platforms tailored to each end use.

The Protein Edition SpotBot Personal Microarrayer
(This platform can also include a NanoPrint microarrayer for higher throughput. Please contact us for a quote). This unique microarrayer has cold room capabilities built in and delivers sub-nanoliter volumes of sample to protein microarray surfaces using the 946 Micro Spotting Device. This highly affordable system is capable of printing thousands of samples to 1 microscope slide sized substrate. A 1 year warranty is included in the platform.

Innoscan, ArrayPix or SpotLight Microarray Scanner
Consult with us to identify the proper detection instrument for your application.  Follow the link above to veiw our microarray detection options.

BioBlue Bioinformatics Computer
A powerful desktop PC capable of running all the analysis software and instruments provided with the Platform

Microarary Surface Chemistry
Immunoassay Microarray Surface Chemistry Optimized for Fluorescent or Colorimetric  Detection. High binding and low background for superior performance.

Buffers for printing, washing and blocking
Sophisticated blocking solutions formulated to inactive microarray surfaces prior to protein binding and nucleic acid hybridization reactions. Produces ultra-low background allowing greater sensitivity and detection of rare proteins and antibodies, particularly suitable for diagnostic assays. Advanced printing buffer formulated to increase the quality and ease of protein microarray manufacture. Protein printing buffer stabilizes proteins, antibodies, peptides, and other polypeptides by providing sample conditions that mimic the intracellular environment. For use on SuperNitro, SuperAmine, SuperAldehyde, SuperEpoxy and other microarray surfaces.

Reaction Cassettes
The platform includes 3 of these bench tools designed for cover slip microarray reactions suitable for both DNA and protein microarrays.

Reaction Chamber 4 x 8, 4x24 and 1x24
AHC4x24 sections 24 simultaneous microarray reactions on 4 slides for a total of 96 multiplexed reactions. This hybridization cassette utilizes a compression fit silicone gasket to separate the microarrays, which eliminates the need for adhesives and inks.

Array Plate Hybridization Station
High Throughput Hybridization of both DNA and Protein Microarrays

Microarray High Throughput Wash Station
The platform includes 3 bench top microarray-washing tools that cleans 25 substrates/slides on a typical magnetic stir plate.

Microarray Centrifuge
Spin-dries one substrate/slide in seconds after washing.

Figure 1. IgG Diltuion Series manufactured with the NanoPrint Microarrayer and other key components of Arrayit’s ImmunoPlex Platform. 16-bit raw data visualization in rainbow color pallet showing detection down to a printed concentration of IgG at 0.0001 microgram per microliter of IgG.  Spot size show is 200 microns at 400 micron center to center spacing.

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ImmunoPlex Immunoassay Microarray Platform

Includes everything required to perform robust microarray immunoassays.


$35K to $100K depending on the configuration

High Throughput ImmunoPlex Immunoassay Microarray Platform

NanoPrint Microarrayer, Innoscan 710AL Microarray Scanner, ArrayPix Plate Based Microarray Scanner, ArrayPlate Hybridization Stations, AHC4x24 Hybridization Tools, Consumables and Buffers.


$200K to $1M depending on the configuration


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