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Products - Amplification & Labeling

Arrayit sets the standard in the microarray industry with ArrayIt® brand labeling kits, including our flagship product for alkaline phosphatase colorimetric labeling. Please click on the products for descriptions, protocols, scientific publications, and pricing.

HighSeq™ Whole Genome Fluorescent DNA Labeling Kits

fluorescent DNA

Arrayit HighSeq™ Whole Genome Fluorescent DNA Labeling Kits provide rapid and accurate genome-wide single- and dual-color fluorescent probes from genomic DNA using random primers and direct labeling for simplicity, precision and ease-of-use. HighSeq™ probes improve genome-wide association studies (GWAS), single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis, microbial and viral detection and comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) for microarray-based research, genomics, pharmaceuticals and molecular diagnostics.

Universal Human, Mouse and Rat Reference mRNAs

Arrayit Universal Reference Human mRNA is a proprietary blend of amplified high-quality mRNA purified from a diverse set of human, mouse or rat tissues. This reference mRNA provides a common denominator for accurate and reproducible comparisons of gene expression data. Pooled reference mRNA can be used for multicolor hybridization experiments using DNA microarrays.

RNA Extraction Kits

RNA extraction kit

Arrayit RNA Extraction Kits are optimized for use with 10,000-2,000,000 cells as starting material to extract 2-25 µg total RNA for downstream experiments such as DNA microarrays. To be used in conjunction with ArrayIt MiniAmp mRNA Amplification Kits and Arrayit Indirect Amino Allyl Labeling Kits.

MiniAmp mRNA Amplification Kits

RNA amplification kit

The most robust, comprehensive and complete kit available. The ArrayIt MiniAmp mRNA amplification kit is optimized to use 50 ng-1 µg of total cellular RNA as starting material.

Amino Allyl Labeling Kits

ArrayIt Aminoallyl Fluorescent Labeling Kits include everything needed for high quality indirect conversion and labeling of mRNA into cDNA for microarray hybridizations. Kits contain complete reagents and purification columns to leverage efficient cyanine 3 and cyanine 5 labeling of RNA to produce fluorescently labeled cDNA mixtures for microarray-based expression analysis. AFKs produce higher yield and much more efficiently labeling than competing labeling approaches.

aRNA Synthesis Kits

aRNA synthesis kit

For amplification of RNA for microarray, splice variant microarrays and other down stream applications where high quality aRNA is required.

ArrayIt Green540 ArrayIt Red640

Cy3 Cy5

ArrayIt® announces a new generation of amine-reactive fluorescent dyes for a wide range of DNA and protein microarray applications. ArrayIt® Green540 and ArrayIt® Red640 Reactive Fluorescent Dyes set a new standard for purity, labeling efficiency, chemical and photo-stability, ozone-resistance, usability, and affordability.

Alkaline Phosphatase Kits

The world's first and only kit for developing alkaline phosphatase microarrays, containing an innovative hardware and reagent system for >700 microarrays.  The unique colorimetric chemistry provides a blue reaction product with enhanced durability. Designed for use with the Colorimetric Microarray Scanner.

Protein Labeling kits


Arrayit offers highly efficient labeling kits for monoclonal antibodies, secondary IgGs, enzymes, antigens, cell extracts other protein samples. Kits include Arrayit Green540 and Red640 reactive dyes, labeling buffer, stop buffer, purification columns and other tubes and reagents. Arrayit labeled proteins produce strong fluorescent signals and low background in all downstream applications.





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