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Products - Microarray Instruments

Arrayit sets the standard with ArrayIt® brand Microarray Instruments.  Please review our extensive product list for descriptions, scientific publications, protocols and pricing.

Protein Microarray Platforms


Arrayit offers a complete line of protein microarray platforms including microarrayers with cooled platens, scanners, protein microarray glass and membrane substrate slides, consumables, and other protein microarray instruments. These systems enable protein microarray studies for biochemical, structural, proteomic and diagnostics applications.

Hybridization Stations

Micro-mixing system based on chaotic advection for hybridization of microarrays. Great results are obtained by homogeneous dispersion of molecules throughout the 21 x 60 mm hybridization area using a patented chaotic advection technology. Reduces hybridization times while offering reproducible and robust results from one experiment to the next, using as little as 5 pmoles of biological sample. Highly recommended for all microarray applications.

SpectraDrop Spectrophotometry


Arrayit recommends SpectraMax® ABS compact spectrophotometers and SpectraDrop high-performance microdrop slide technology for reading liquid laboratory samples in as little as 2 µl. The compact SpectraMax ABS instruments offer powerful performance in a small footprint. SpectraDrop slides allow high-throughput low-volume quantification of DNA, RNA, protein, microbial and ELISA samples in both visible and ultraviolet wavelength ranges with up to 64 samples per slide.  Teflon slide masks ensure precise droplet placement either manually or with pipetting instruments and precise slide spacers enable 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm path lengths. SpectraMax® and SpectraDrop technology are highly recommended for all research, life sciences, clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Ozone and Dust Free Boxes


The Ozone Free Box is intended to create an optimal working environment for microarrays that use fluorescent dyes shown to degrade in ozone levels above 5 parts per billion (5 ppb). This working environment is also dust-free and is maintained even with the door open by a curtain of air provided by the laminar flow design of the system.

Lynx Liquid Handlers

Arrayit Lynx LM (Linear Motor) liquid handers are versatile and robust open platforms for all liquid handling application, providing state-of-the-art performance with precision and accuracy. Utilizes proprietary controllers and linear drive systems for precise motion control and durability in all laboratory settings. Lynx systems are highly recommended companion instruments for the Arrayit NanoPrint™ Microarrayers.

Array Plate Hybridization Stations


Arrayit Array Plate Hybridization Stations permit automated time, temperature (ambient to 100ºC) and mixing 300-1,500 rpm) control of 4x16 and 4x24 Multi-Well Hybridization Cassettes. Hybridize and incubate 96 DNA, protein, peptide or carbohydrate microarrays at a time by digital and Peltier control. Supports many other applications including cell studies, transcription, immunoprecipitation, enzyme kinetics, and other hardware types including microplate and single tubes.

BioBlue Bioinformatics Computers

BioBlue Computer Systems meet the most demanding needs of microarray computational biology. These highly compact, high-speed computers use the latest technology from Silicon Valley to achieve computing speeds not obtainable with conventional commercial computers. The BioBlue is an excellent companion to our SpotBot® 3 and NanoPrint™ Microarrayers and our SpotLight™ and InnoScan® microarray scanner lines.

Microfluidic Controller

flow rate

Arrayit FlowTest™ Microfluidic Controllers offer fully automated and programmable operation up to eight fluidic or microfluidic control components for use with 12- or 24-volt pumps and valves. Components can be run in parallel or independently using programming CosDesigner™ software programming, ideal for new procedures requiring liquid displacement, sampling and injection. Multiple programs can be set up, stored, managed and effortlessly retrieved for laboratory and industrial applications requiring precise liquid transfers.

Microarray Microscopes

The ArrayIt® brand Microarray Pin and Spot Inspection Microscope includes a 30X magnification stereo microscope and lighting system that is ideal for inspecting ArrayIt® Micro Spotting Pins and printed spots obtained from spotting buffers such as Micro Spotting Plus and Protein Printing buffer on glass microarray surface chemistry. The ArrayIt® microscope is highly recommended and affordable system for all microarray laboratories.

Microarray High-Speed Centrifuges


The ArrayIt® High-Speed Centrifuge allows rapid centrifugation of microarray substrates and slides. Simply insert a glass substrate or slide into the holder and press down on the lid. Wash buffers and other solutions are removed from the glass in 5-10 seconds, leaving the substrate slide in pristine condition for scanning. Available in 110-volt and 220-volt configurations, this product is a must-have item for any microarray laboratory.

Microarray Air Jets


Many different microarray procedures require a pristine source of pressurized air, but “house air” and pressurized canisters contain contaminating organics that preclude their use. Arrayit Air Jets provide a high pressure air stream that is free of particulates and organics for all microarray applications. Dry microarray pins and printheads with confidence, this product is also widely used to remove particulates from the decks of microarrayers prior to loading the glass substrates. Ideal for all microarray and life sciences laboratories requiring a portable instrument that produces high quality pressurize air.

Microarray Pin and Printhead Cleaning Kits

The ArrayIt® Pin and Printhead Cleaning Kits contain all of the tools and reagents required for ultrasonic cleaning of Arrayit Printing Pins including Professional, 946, Stealth and ChipMaker™ Pins. Based on advanced ultrasonics and surface chemistry, the Pin and Printhead Cleaning Kits remove contaminants from printing pins and restore and maintain them after each printing cycle. Highly recommended for all microarray laboratories using contact printing technology.

Microplate Centrifuges


Arrayit introduces the market’s first desktop microplate centrifuges for microarray applications. Microarray Microplate Centrifuges in 100-volt and 220-volt versions offer high-performance 5,000 rpm centrifugation of 384-and 96-well microplates to consolidate aqueous samples into the well bottoms prior to microarray printing with SpotBot® 3 and NanoPrint Microarrayers. Highly recommended for all microarray laboratories.

VacuSeal Microplate Systems

VacuSeal Microplate system sets a new standard for microarray and microplate storage. The VacuSeal System takes advantage of a vacuum system and storage containers to prevent oxidation and evaporation. Eliminate sample evaporation and protects against environmental damage of samples stored in 96-, 384- and 1536-well microplates and on glass substrates.

Vacuum Pumps

Many applications in microarray research require efficient vacuum sources, but traditional house and vacuum pumps noisy and inefficient. Arrayit’s oil-free vacuum pumps offer strong vacuum pressure, low thermal output and extremely quiet operation. Available in both 110V and 220V configurations, our vacuum pumps are used widely by both domestic and international customers for vacuum filtation, vacuum-based microarray purposes and other applications.

Zonda Vacuum Pumps


Arrayit offers Zonda vacuum pumps for oil-free vacuum applications requiring ultra-high air flow, low thermal output and quiet operation. These 110 volt and 220 volt vacuum pumps are widely used for microarray, life sciences, diagnostics and other applications.

Microarray Slide Imprinters


The ArrayIt® Microarray Slide Imprinter is an easy to use and cost effective way to partition microarray slides and substrates with a hydrophobic pattern for multiplexed microarray applications. This durable and easy to use instrument is perfect for setting up high throughput microarray experiments where multiple assays need to be run on a single microarray slide/substrate without the risk of contamination between different assays. The slide imprinter applies a high molecular weight hydrophobic polymer directly onto the surface of the glass, creating reaction wells over each printed microarray. Excellent for highly cost-effective gene expression, genotyping and protein microarray experiments.

Peptide Synthesizers


Range of personal bench top instruments for peptide synthesis and other combinatoral chemistry processes


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