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Products - Microarray Instruments - SpectraDrop Micro-Drop Spectrophotometry and SpectraMax® Plate Readers for Compact DNA, RNA and Protein Quantification in Research, Life Sciences, Clinical and Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Arrayit recommends SpectraMax ABS compact spectrophotometers and SpectraDrop high-performance microdrop slide technology for reading liquid laboratory samples in as little as 2 µl. The compact SpectraMax ABS instruments offer powerful performance in a small footprint. SpectraDrop slides allow high-throughput low-volume quantification of DNA, RNA, protein, microbial and ELISA samples in both visible and ultraviolet wavelength ranges with up to 64 samples per slide.  Teflon slide masks ensure precise droplet placement either manually or with pipetting instruments and precise slide spacers enable 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm path lengths. SpectraMax® and SpectraDrop technology are highly recommended for all research, life sciences, clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories.

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