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Products - Buffers & Solutions

Arrayit sets the standard for microarray Buffers & Solutions. Please review the products below for descriptions, protocols and pricing.

Protein Microarray Buffers


Arrayit’s Protein Microarray Kit is the first complete protein microarray buffer kit on the market, kits contents include activation buffer, reaction buffer, wash buffer and rinse buffer, supports all protein microarrays and takes the guess work out of microarray-based proteomic studies. Buffers are 0.1 µm-filtered, pre-mixed and ready to use. Buffers increase signal strength and reduce background. Highly recommended for peptide, antibody, antigen, reverse phase and PlasmaScan™ Microarrays.

Hybridization Buffers


Based on 10 years of R&D, Arrayit has developed a series of advanced Hybridization Buffers to accelerate hybridization kinetics and reduce background in DNA microarray assays. Use our Hybridzation Buffers for gene expression, comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) applications. Compatible with SuperAmine 2, SuperAldehyde 2, SuperEpoxy 2, SuperMirror 2 and other substrate slides.

Blocking Solutions


Based on 10 years of R&D, Arrayit has developed a series of advanced Blocking Solutions formulated to inactive microarray surfaces prior to DNA hybridization and protein binding reactions. Produces ultra-low background allowing greater sensitivity and detection of rare mRNAs, proteins and antibodies for both research and in vitro diagnostic assays. Compatible with SuperEpoxy, SuperProtein, and other microarray glass substrate slide surfaces.

Printing Buffers


Based on 10 years of R&D, Arrayit has developed a series of advanced Microarray Print Buffers containing viscosity enhancers, stabilizers, and buffering components to increase the quality of microarray manufacturing by improving the surface properties of DNA and protein samples deposited during printing. For use with oligonucleotides, cDNAs, proteins, antibodies, peptides and other biomolecules on SuperAmine 2, SuperAldehyde 2, SuperEpoxy 2, SuperMirror 2, and compatible surfaces. Improves coupling efficiency and spot morphology for increased data precision.

SpotBot® Wash Buffer


Arrayit has developed a SpotBot® 2 Wash Buffer to provide maximum pin cleaning during contact printing.  SpotBot® Wash Buffer can be used with all SpotBot® systems and is compatible with any microarrayer running Pro, 946, Stealth or ChipMaker pins. This 0.2 µm filtered solution is free of particulate and biological contaminants and arrives premixed and ready to use. One liter of solution allows 16 hours of SpotBot® operation.

Micro Cleaning Solution


Based on 10 years of R&D, Arrayit has developed an advanced Micro Cleaning Solution for sonic cleaning of microarray printing pins, printheads and other microarray and life sciences implements requiring an advanced cleaning solution. Removes surface deposits from pin surfaces to restore capillarity at the atomic level. In terms of cleaning efficiency, Micro Cleaning Solution is unlike any other product on the market.

Microarray Wash Buffers


Based on 10 years of R&D, Arrayit has developed a series of advanced Microarray Wash Buffers for cDNA and oligonucleotide microarrays that increase signal intensity and reduce background noise. Wash Buffers A, B and C are used for cDNA and long oligonucleotide microarrays and Wash Buffers 1, 2 and 3 are designed for short oligonucleotide microarrays. 1 Liter of 10X solution.




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