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Products - DNA Microarrays - Arrayit $1,000 Genome for Rapid and Comprehensive Microarray Expression Analysis of the Human Genome

Arrayit offers a credible $1,000 genome with $1,000 Human Genome Microarrays containing gene-specific capture elements for every gene in the human genome and extensive controls to allow detailed genomic analysis for less than $1K per sample. $1,000 Human Genome Microarrays report to >250,000 cellular mRNAs, empowering researchers and clinicians to "deep dive" the human genome with unprecedented sensitivity for human disease markers, drug targets, activated and repressed cellular pathways and many other human biology applications with no minimum purchases and a total labor time of less than 8 hours. $1,000 Human Genome Microarrays are configured on standard glass substrate slides (25 x 76 mm) for compatibility with >10,000 microarray scanners and extensive commercial products from Arrayit, Agilent, Molecular Devices and other vendors. The Arrayit $1,000 Human Genome  ensures biologically relevant results for studies in cancer, neurodegeneration, stem cell and synthetic biology, epigenomics and immunology.

Ordering Information
$1,000 Genome Microarrays, Cat. 1000, $770 each
$1,000 Genome Microarrays Full Service, Cat. 1000S, $1,870 each



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